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Professionals recommend two types of metal primers:the rust converters mentioned above and galvanized metal primers. While a rust converter is ideal for preventing rust from recurring and making a rusted surface easier to paint, a galvanized primer is appropriate for metals (e.g. aluminum) that prevent paint from adhering to the surface. After sandblastingetching primer or epoxy primer Team May 27, 2007 · Epoxy primer hands down! At one time in the PPG tech sheets PPG clearly stated DO NOT use etch primer over sand blasted metal. Reasoning is because the etch primer can pool up in the pits and not evaporate out. Now you paint over that etch sealing over it. That non dry etch loose adhesion and starts to rust because the solvents are trapped.

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Oct 10, 2019 · Epoxy primer works best on bare metal and is recommended for newly-fabricated metal parts or those that have been fully stripped. You can also apply primer surfacer or filler over epoxy primer How to Clean Sandblasted Metal Before Painting Home How to Clean Sandblasted Metal Before Painting. Sandblasting is an efficient method for removing old paint and rust from a metal object to prepare it for painting. Sandblasting is performed on How to Paint Rusty Metal With Rustoleum HunkerRustoleum manufacturers paint and primer and offers a product line specifically for covering and protecting metal surfaces. They can be used on metals that are rusty, provided you prepare the surface so the primer or paint properly adheres to it. The primer and paint also protects the metal

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Having nice rims on your vehicle is possible without going to a store and spending big bucks. With the right equipment, you can sandblast and paint your rims to give them the finish you desire. With a few specialty tools, even heavily rusted rims can look better than How to Sandblast & Paint Rims It Still RunsHaving nice rims on your vehicle is possible without going to a store and spending big bucks. With the right equipment, you can sandblast and paint your rims to give them the finish you desire. With a few specialty tools, even heavily rusted rims can look better than POR-15 FAQ'SPOR-15 Tie-Coat Primer is the best prime coat to use before topcoating POR-15. POR-15 likes rusted surfaces best. Seasoned metal and sandblasted metal are also good. POR-15 does not adhere well to smooth, shiny surfaces, but will adhere well to those surfaces with the proper preparation.

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May 29, 2015 · I'm restoring my suspension on my daily driver, fun car and want to put something durable on the parts. I've gotten powder coating quotes and cannot justify the price for the vehicle. So in my option basket I have; por15 (metal prep, por15, por15 top coat), good epoxy primer topcated with single stage, industrial alkyd enamel. Primer over fresh sandblasting? Painter help? The H.A.M.B.Jun 06, 2006 · Etch primer, properly applied, will usually convert the rust in the sandblasting pits without metal conditioner ( the acid is in the primer). I don't think etch primer gets 100% of the rust nuetralized, but epoxy primer nuetralizes 0% rust. Metal conditioner should NOT be followed with self etching primers, in most cases. Technical - What to apply after sandblasting frame? The Sep 23, 2017 · After sandblasting I wipe the entire frame down with a final prep cleaner,to remove the excess residue. In my way of thinking the primer depends on the car I am building,in this case it's the frame under the '54 Ranch Wagon and basically none of it would show unless it's on a rack and the car was built to drive,not show so I actually brushed on a slightly thinner coat of Rustoleum red oxide

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Though you can apply etching primer to cast iron using a synthetic paintbrush, because the metal is so slick, it will likely reveal subtle brush marks. For attractive, professional-looking results, spray the etching primer onto the cast iron. You can purchase spray cans of etching primer at most paint stores. Which epoxy primer is best? Team Camaro TechNov 22, 2006 · PPG told me I could use the epoxies over the sandblasted metal,but anything smoother did not have enough bite.Epoxies lay on top of the metal,Etching primers go down into the pores of the metal.Other brands may be different.I also asked about putting the epoxy over the etch.They said that was fine but seen no reason.I usually like to do my prepping car for paint after sandblasting? Yahoo AnswersNov 22, 2010 · i just sandblasted my car i was wondering what would be the best primer to put onto bare metal that's been sandblasted and what other steps should i take up to ultimately painting the car Update :no i used glass bead media and can someone give me an actual answer to help me for once

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May 14, 2011 · Freshly sandblasted metal SHOULDN'T USE self etching primer - virtually all paint manufacturers say not to use self etching primer on sandblasted metal. It is fine on sanded bare metal though. The metal is so clean anyway from sandblasting that using an etch primer just isn't necessary.

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