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This page cover the 4330 steel grades Mechanical Properties, Chemical Element, Cross Reference of USA ICI 4330 Materials, Application Carbon and Low Alloy Steel for General Application, and Cobalt Alloy for High Strength at Elevated Temperatures, 4330M (Modified) Steel Rickard Metals4330M Steel. 4330M steel (also known as 4330 modified steel) is a double melted modified form of 4330 steel with several property improvements. The addition of vanadium improves hardenability of the alloy, allowing it to be heat treated to higher strength levels.

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AISI 4330 Mod/4330V Mod:ASTM A-29, & API Spec 7-1 GENERAL SCOPE:4330 Mod is a low alloy steel that is used in downhole tools that require very high strength with excellent impact resistance.It is a heat treatable alloy steel that contains nominally .31% Carbon, with Nickel, Chromium, and Molybdenum as the primary hardening elements. 4330MAlloy Steel 4330 M, also known as AISI 4330 M, is a high-strength, chromium, nickel, and molybdenum alloy with great toughness and tensile properties. Alloy Steel 4330 M is heat-treatable, and offers good formability and machinability with terrific cold working characteristics. The alloy is machinable in the annealed, normalized, and tempered 4330V MOD Quenched and Tempered Steel Fushun Special Hardening:4330V steel is usually supplied ready heat treated to 35-39 HRc. If further heat treatment is required annealed 4330V should be heated slowly to 840-875°C and after adequate soaking at this temperature quench in oil. Temper as soon as the tools reach room temperature.

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4330V grade steel is a through hardening steel capable of very high strengths in large sections from hardening and tempering treatments, due to its high hardenability. It is typically used for drilling parts where longer tool life and higher strength is required than conventional 4145. However, it does not meet the approval of NACE MR0175 due 4330v Steel - Michlin Metals AS9120 ISO9001 WOSB Steel 4330v steel is a modified 4330 steel with vanadium. In addition to Vanadium, 4330V Steel also has other improved properties as well as hardenability. Equivalent non-branded product is sometimes also available through certified sources of such products. Michlin Metals will never substitute non-branded product when branded product is requested. AISI 4330 Alloy Steel (UNS J24045) - AZoMAISI 4330 alloy steel is forged in the temperature range of 1204 to 982°C (2200 to 1800°F). Forming. AISI 4330 alloy steel has good formability characteristics and the bend radii for this alloy should not be sharper that a 3t bend. Machinability. AISI 4330 alloy steel has good machinability features in the annealed, tempered and normalized

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4330 steel (also known as AISI 4330 steel) is a hardened iron and nickel based alloy with high strength, hardness, toughness and tensile properties. Popular in the oil, gas, and mining industries, 4330 features solid formability and machinability with terrific cold working characteristics. Other applications for 4330 include aircraft and power AISI 4330V MODIFIED - Sverdrup Steel - Your Material AISI 4330 V is a chromium, nickel, molybdenum, vanadium high strength low alloyed steel suitable for downhole tools and drilling jars. Composition of 4330 vs. 4330mod vs 4330V and difference Feb 23, 2011 · The notations 4330, 4330Mod, 4330V, and 4330VMod are all just a rerference. As far as I know, there is no AISI 4330 chemistry range, but individual steel producers have developed their own chemistries to meet the various specifications. When a "M" or "Mod" is added to a steel grade, it only signifies that they chemistry has been modified from

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Equivalent Alloy Standards AMS 6427, 4330 V Mod, MIL S-8699, 34CrNiMo6V. Alloy Type Through hardening. Typical Chemical Composition C Si Mn P S Cr Ni Mo V O2 (max) Wt % 0.30 0.25 0.90 0.012 0.005 0.90 1.80 0.43 0.08 20 ppm HS220-27 is an excellent choice for high-performance applications where there is a critical need for toughness and durability. PROPERTIES AND STRUCTURE OF THE WELD JOINTS OF The 4330V grade steel is a high strength, high tough-ness, heat treatable low alloy steel for application in the oil, gas and aerospace industries. It is typically used for large diameter drilling parts where high toughness and strength are required [1]. The welding process for this steel type is difficult by its high hardenability (large SAE AISI 4130 Chromoly Steel, Alloy Material Properties Welding 4130 Steel. All common arc welding processes, such as (SAW, SMAW, FCAW, GMAW, GTAW) can be used to weld 4130 alloy steel, but in order to prevent cracking, it must be preheated to 150-290 °C before welding, preheating interpass temperature depends on the section thickness of the steel. Equivalent Grade

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SAE AISI 4340 steel is usually used in places where severe conditions exist and heavy parts requiring high strength, and can be widely used as billet, bar, bar, forging, sheet, pipe and welding wire. AISI 4340 steel can also be produced as light plates and castings. Steel 4330 Mod AMS 6411 Bar Tech Steel & MaterialsSteel 4330 Mod AMS 6411 Bar Supplier - No Minimum footage is required to place an order and we ship from 3 locations spread out through the country NY, Georgia, and CA. 4330V Steel - 4330V Alloy Steel Alternative Pennsylvania Superior Steel Alternative to. 4330V Alloy Steel. Pennsylvania Steel Corporation offers an alternative to SAE 4330V alloy steel. FLEXOR® steel is produced to provide similar, if not superior, mechanical and chemical properties to 4330V alloy steel. FLEXOR® steel can be used for most applications that use 4330V, Drilling Equipment, Tool Holding Components, Work Holding Components, high-impact

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