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Kuriyama's Gatorflow® air & discharge hose is constructed of PVC/Nitrile with reinforced polyester outer. It's unique woven construction resists kinking, stretching and twisting. The Ribbed cover provides high resistance to oil, weathering and abrasion. The lighter, less bulky design requires less storage space than most discharge hoses. Baypren® ARLANXEOIn contrast to the majority of other rubber types, Baypren® displays superior resistance to these microorganisms. This resistance can be enhanced through suitable compounding. - Abrasion resistance:Baypren® vulcanizates are highly wear-resistant. Their abrasion resistance is similar to that of nitrile rubber.

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Natural Rubber / NR / Isoprene / Excellent physical properties, including abrasion resistance. Not oil resistant. Neoprene / CR / Chloroprene / Excellent weathering resistance. Good oil resistance. Good physical properties. Nitrile / Buna-N / NBR / Nitrile-Butadiene / Excellent oil resistance Extruded Rubber Hoses - Products Perth, WA Hose ManiaMAXECON GP. General purpose hose that has good resistance to ozone weathering and abrasion. Tube:Nitrile/SBR Class B Cover:Red NBR/SBR/PVC blend Class B Temp:-29°C to 82°C FIRE ENGINE BOOSTER - American Made Fire Hose Nitrile rubber fire hose reinforced with high tensile aramid yarn, and smooth inner lining for exceptional strength, durability and flow. Ultra-Tough. Special EPDM rubber compound provides a durable, flexible cover that resists abrasion, gouging, ultra-violet, ozone and most chemicals. Flexible. Smooth outer cover lowers drag resistance.

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Tube:Black Class A nitrile for exceptional oil resistance to 212°F. Reinforcement:Multiple aramid plies for extreme strength and a trim profile. Cover:Yellow nitrile/PVC blend for abrasion, flame oil, weathering resistance and easy identification. Key Hose - Pro-Flow Lightweight Rubber Covered Hose A lightweight, heat resistant, rubber covered hose that delivers superior flow every time, everywhere. Ozone and chemical resistant, the nitrile/PVC through-the-weave design allows the hose to expand under pressure decreasing friction loss and increasing water flow. Kuriyama Gatorflow - Black Nitrile/PVC Oil & Weather Black nitrile rubber tube - oil-resistant. Polyester reinforcement - provides working pressures equal to or higher than most conventional PVC or rubber discharge hoses. Black ribbed nitrile rubber cover - provides high resistance to oil, weathering and abrasion

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Black nitrile rubber tube - oil-resistant. Polyester reinforcement - provides working pressures equal to or higher than most conventional PVC or rubber discharge hoses. Black ribbed nitrile rubber cover - provides high resistance to oil, weathering and abrasion Nitrile Rubber ThailandNBR rubber material is used in applications involving not only oil and fuel resistance but also those applications requiring resistance to heat, abrasion, water and gas permeability. It is resistant to weathering, sunlight and ozone. From oil rigs to bowling alleys, nitrile rubber can be the right material for your applications. PDF Industrial HoseAn excellent portable pump hose. (Only suitable for handling petroleum products with an aromatic content under 30%) Construction. Tube- Black abrasion and oil resistant nitrile/PVC blend Reinforcement- Circular woven polyester yarn Cover- Black nitrile/PVC blend, resistant to abrasion, oil and weathering Branding- Unbranded. Temperature Range


Overview:The RD4 model is a ribbed yellow nitrile/PVC oil resistant discharge lay-flat hose. It is lighter and less bulky than most rubber discharge hoses, and resists abrasion and weathering. Used in many varied applications, with limited oil and chemical use. RUBBER HOSES - INDEXSeamless NBR (Nitrile) Rubber, oil resistant. Reinforcement:Two braids of high tensile steel wire. Cover:Black synthetic rubber resistant to abrasion, oils, ozone and weathering. High pressure hose for hydraulic fluids including mineral and vegetable oil in hydraulic systems only for jacking applications. Temperature Range: Rubber Chemical Resistance Chart, Rubber Compatibility Welcome to our Rubber Chemical Resistance Chart Here is the rubber compatibility chart that rates all popular rubber materials that comes into contact with various chemicals. Use this rubber chemical resistance chart to make sure that the elastomer or O-ring seal you choose will be compatible with the particular environment.

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Dec 05, 2014 · Standard neoprene fuel hose can be used for fuel, PCV and EEC systems on all vehicles where working pressures are under 50 psi or vacuum ratings are under 24-in. Hg for 7/16-inch and smaller inside-diameter sizes (10-in. Hg for ½-inch diameter hose). Fuel line is a petroleum-resistant nitrile tube with a covering that resists weathering, ozone Temperature De-Rating Chart - Rubber Hose Assemblies CR Neoprene Chloroprene Excellent weathering resistance. Flame retarding. Good oil resistance. Good physical properties. CSM Hypalon® Chloro-sulfonated polyethylene Excellent ozone, weathering and acid resistance. Good abrasion and heat resistance. Can be compounded for good oil resistance. EPDM EPM or EPDM Ethylene-propylene- diene-terpolymer compounds incorporated in Parker hose with the hose is subject to flexing. 3. The Grade or Blend of the Rubber Compound:Basic polymers are sometimes mixed or blended to enhance a particular property for a specific service. As an example, the nitrile used as the tube material for Parker aircraft fueling hose varies in its makeup from the nitrile used in the tube of Day-Flo® Special Purpose

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A premium quality, nitrile rubber covered fie hose that is manufactured using a unique process which permanently bonds the nylon 6.6 reinforcement to the nitrile rubber cover/liner. LD is an easily coiled, non-kinking, high flow, lightweight hose that also resists abrasion, chemicals and weathering by ozone.

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